magnified phosphor

2 micron thick P43 phosphor screen

As CRT manufacturers we are skilled in different types of phosphor deposition.  We can provide an ITO conductive coated glass substrate for electrical connection of the screen.  Where a more robust contact of the screen is required, a hard chrome pad or ring can be added to your specifications.  The back of the phosphor can be coated with controlled amounts of aluminum for enhanced brightness.  We also can deposit chromium to the customers specifications.  We utilize a totally innovative, proprietary technology to offer customized scintillators of the highest quality at the most competitive prices.  We have the facilities to phosphor coat glass, fiber optic, quartz, metal, micro channel plates and plastic substrates.  The sizes of substrates can vary from 1/4" to more than 1 foot. 

The applications of scintillators include:

* CCD imaging
* RHEED / LEED view ports
* Specialty fiber optics
* Digital X-ray Imaging
* Electron Microscopy
* Image intensifiers
* Micro-channel plates
* Beam profiling and aligning
* Alpha detectors for neutron generators
* Spectrometry

We have an extensive inventory of different phosphors, including P-11, P-43, P-47, and P-53 to name a few.

Phosphor Solutions does business with an impressive list of clients that includes high tech manufacturers, medical and health care suppliers, government agencies, and major universities. Due to the unique nature of many applications, we are prepared to work closely with you to develop a customized solution that meets your specifications and requirements.

Phosphor Solutions takes pride in giving you the best quality phosphor coating in the industry while providing the the most competitive pricing, service, and personal attention to our customers. We do stock some of the more common MBE screens for RHEED and LEED Applications, Scintillator Sheets for X-ray, and common glass/types sizes for custom applications. Phosphor Solutions is happy to provide you with a sample of a coated substrate to demonstrate the quality of our coating process.